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In 1926 Max Ernst published a portfolio of prints entitled Histoire Naturelle. All prints were based on drawings using the technique of Frottage by rubbing lead pencil to paper while placing various elements, natural or otherwise, under the sheet of paper.

This new work is based on a “damaged” copy of the original edition: a purple fungus having been allowed to develop, all the plates have been truly enhanced by violet mold efflorescences adding an extra dimension to the frottage and the surrealist compositions. Production assistance of both photographer Dennis Petersen and designer Fraser Muggeridge, the return promised by Max in his dedication was eventually achieved.

The result is this piece of Mouldy Modern.


The edition consists in 34 copies signed and numbered, 14 A/P signed unnumbered.


34 plates, 500×320 mm, Digital CMYK.


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Mouldy Modern
£ 950.00